Joint Filling/Sealing

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Click to view Joint Filling/Sealing gallery.

Gopher State Cleaning provides a diverse range of services. We  have you covered for all of your joint filling needs whether it is interior or exterior, vertical or horizontal and decorative or functional.  We have the equipment, knowledge, and experience to seal/fill your concrete control joints, expansion joints, or any other type of crack or joint you may need sealed. We also install epoxy joint fillers, polyurea fillers, and polyurethane sealants.

We are able to repair and restore your concrete floors by fixing deteriorated floor joints and mending floor cracks and holes that prevent your operations from efficiently moving materials across a once smooth and level surface.

Epoxy and polyurea joint fillers are designed to protect floor joints that are subject to hard wheeled traffic and heavy loads, creating a smooth transition and protecting the shoulders of the joints. Polyurethane sealants form a tough resilient seal that resists penetration and remains flexible when exposed to weather and aging.

Words to remember: ‘Paying too little for your joint filing installation now, can buy you big problems later.’