Decorative Concrete Overlays

Click to view Decorative Concrete Overlay gallery.

Click to view Decorative Concrete Overlay gallery.

Decorative concrete overlays are a thin polymer concrete blend that can be placed on new or existing concrete and in some job specific situations other substrates. Overlays add an appealing decorative look, refurbish old concrete or add a personal touch to any floor.

Overlays can be applied with a wide variety of colors, textures, patterns and designs. Some of the more common overlays include:

  • Micro-topping: which is a very fine aggregate product that has a smooth surface giving the floor a lustrous final product.
  • ¼”: which is a thicker overlay that allows us to stamp, stencil, and hand carve or combine all these into one overlay.
  • Thin trowel down: allows us to create a wide variety of surfaces, textures and designs.

With our entire overlay product line there are endless options in coloring, staining, textures, designs and patterns. We look forward to assisting our customers in designing and installing a one of a kind decorative overlay for your floor.