Concrete Grinding/Polishing

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Polished concrete makes an ideal replacement for conventional flooring options. It turns new and existing bare concrete floors into a showpiece of marble–like luster while eliminating the need for additional seal coatings.

As a certified concrete polishing company, we can revitalize and strengthen concrete floors. Polished concrete increases the abrasion and impact resistance, minimizes your maintenance costs and increases the aesthetics of the already existing floor. Over a 10-year lifetime cost, polished concrete is the most cost effective and beneficial flooring solution when compared to other flooring options.

Polished concrete is a process that enhances the natural beauty of existing concrete by mechanically grinding, honing, densifying, and polishing the surface of the concrete. The floor is ground to expose different levels of aggregate exposure, create a more flat surface and then polish to the desired sheen. This process helps in gaining LEED points for LEED project certification.

Floors that were covered with VCT, epoxy or a decorative sealed concrete, can now be replaced with polished concrete that not only looks amazing but is also easier and less costly to maintain. Polished concrete can also be enhanced using decorative dyes, stains, and stencils, creating a floor unique to your style and functional needs.